Marlo and Rocky are the latest lucky galgos to make their way from a kill stationn in Jerez de la Fronterea into loving homes in the U.S. December 2010 brought news through emails of the beginnings of the mass abandonment of the galgos after the hunt season. This year it started early. Picture after picture of these lost souls flashing across the internet. Could anyone help Maribel get them out? News travels as the associations start to scramble to help the best they can. Galgo Connection Spain moved quickly to take the least likely, the males and took 7 out immediately. Marlo and Rocky were two of the original group. They were transported from Western Spain to Valencia..spent three months under GCS care for ailments and treatment as they were in very rough condition when they came in. They were finally ready for adoption. G.R.I.N. and Greytfriends of GA again began working to help before the end of the transport season  to the U.S. May 15th to find a way for two. After weeks of planning, a wonderful volunteer from Greytfriends again decided to make a quick one day flight to Spain to pick up the two. A former GRIN adopter, Kay Roberts,was waiting for Marlo/Poco  and Rocky has a foster home in GA. The trip went without a hitch..they were in the air coming back when a human medical emergency occured and the plane had to land in the Azores for hours..luckily the dogs were fine as the Delta team reassured our volunteer Kay Renfroe who was worried the whole time!  They arrived safe and sound in Atlanta. Both dogs having adjusted very well to their new surroundings and life and thanks to all the people involved, they will never suffer again.