GRIN’s Last Transport 2013

GRIN is in the process of completing our last transport of the year. This fall’s transports, 30 galgos and 17 podencos, concludes our year of bringing 75 total hounds to the US. We have many amazing groups and people to thank for helping us make this possible. Coming soon are the two final transports that will bring the last ten lucky dogs.

Spanish friend Samantha Sacido Siekmann will be making the journey from Madrid to JFK with three podencos. Many of you may know that Sam provides us with indispensible translating services as well as being called upon to cajole resistant airlines’ personnel at the Madrid airport. She is our on-site angel! Sam will be met at the airport by Marylou Hecht, GRIN board member; Sharron Thomas, Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue Director and GRIN adopter; Terrianne Basch, GRIN adopter; and volunteers from Grateful Greyhounds of NY. Before heading back to Spain, Sam will spend a few days in NH with Marylou and they will both join Sharron at FF “Pictures with Santa” event.

Pod 1  GRIN adopter Terrianne Basch is taking the podenco plunge and adding Romain to her pack of two galgos, four greyhounds and one golden doddle making an even eight. Mandy Simpson, extraordinare GDS foster mum, has been caring for Romain after he was found wandering the countryside searching for shelter and food. We don’t know if anyone has dared to whisper in his ear that he will be expected to endure several costumes changes over the year as is customary in the Basch household!

Pod 2  Nacha, of Galgos 112 Rescue, is a lucky survivor of a horrific discovery in Saville. A dilapidated hunter’s house was found with over 50 podencos kept on short chains attached to walls and concrete blocks in deplorable condition. Nacha spent time recovering at Podenco’s Friends sanctuary and will be joining Grateful Greyhounds of NY. This year, GRIN enjoyed a successful partnership with GG in bringing many hounds to the US.

Pod 3  A surprise pod mix will be fostered in NH. Specifics to be announced after a period of transition.


Elite Greyhounds of Florida will be making the trek to Madrid to bring back seven hounds —

From Ibizan Hound Rescue: Podenco Canarios siblings Julie and Gabe and Podenco Ibicencos Tom and Raffie. Starving and terrified, Julie and Gabe had been literally dumped at the charity shop of IHR. Tom was found running along the motorway. Raffie, heavily pregnant when saved from a kill station by GDS, gave birth to eight pups shortly afterwards. IBH took over their care and all have been adopted.

From Association Protectora Argos: the famous galgo Popeye; fuzzy pod Kalanchoe from Maria Caceres with the help of Argos. Popeye’s multiple eye treatments and surgeries were funded in part by GRIN supporters that saved his health but unfortunately not his eye. After a prolong recovery, we are thrilled that he finally has his chance. Kalanchoe suffers from an old leg injury that requires extensive and expansive leg surgery. Thanks to generous donations from GRIN adopter Kerry Reid and Elite Greyhounds, Kalanchoe will have the necessary surgery.

From Galgos del Sol: Raul, a galgo mix who was rescued with his siblings. Their mother was killed by a car and the pups were left to survive on their own. They had not known human contact and were a challenge to catch. Known as the “feral pups”, Raul is the last of the group to be on his way to his forever home. He will be joining the multiple hound family of Elite Greyhounds founder, Sonia Stratemann and the recently adopted podenco Flaco, also of Argos.

Each of these dogs is so special and we are so happy their lives now will be what they should be — a treasured and cared for family member.

GRIN thanks all our friends involved in these transports — the many Spanish associations who take in these dogs until they find their forever homes, our Spanish transport friends who drive long hours to bring the dogs to the airport, the greyhound groups who take dogs into their groups in addition to the many greyhounds they are saving, and of course, our GRIN adopters who open their hearts and lives to save a hound’s life. Spring transports are already in the planning! Contact

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