Podencos at Solvang 2014!

Telma Shaw, GRIN Board Member and Adoption Coordinator, gave a visual presentation at the WCGG (West Coast Greyhound Gathering) on February 22nd. Topics included an overview of GRIN’s 2013 accomplishments as well as our relationship with the Spanish shelters and how we conduct international adoptions. Telma also provided a special section emphasizing the abuse and abandonment of podencos. A breed of sighthound, podencos, like galgos are exploited for a short-hunting season and then discarded by the thousands yearly.

The event was a success with a full house of many concerned greyhound owners who showed their support of our work. Ibbi, Telma’s fuzzy podenco, paved the way by climbing into available laps and making herself the center of attention. She proved to be the perfect " ambassapod” by expressing the typical intelligence and engaging personality of pods. 

Telma extends her appreciation to everyone who attended as well as those who donated, coats, collars and leashes for the Spanish shelters. An amazing 100 coats, 100 plus collars and leashes were collected!  

A huge shout out of appreciation to Teri Rogo, founder of the WCGG, for inviting us once again speak on the work that GRIN does for the galgos and podencos of Spain.