Love Never Fails

The story of Lucas, Miracle, and Cheyenne

The three dogs shown in the video were special cases of rescue by Charl and Dioni del Rio and the volunteers of in Malaga, Spain. If you visit their site, you will find many such cases as the ones that follow. But you will also find new beginnings proving that Love Never Fails.

Meet Lucas.

Abandoned, and left to wander the streets, he had been badly abused. The stones thrown at him had left his body battered and scarred. At the top of his head was a deep festering hole. Terrified after his experiences with humans, he was unapproachable and aggressive. His rehabilitation began with treating the Leishmania, Mange and Ehrlichea, the three diseases from which so many suffer. The vets recommended euthanizing him because of his aggression. It wasn’t an option! Five months into his rehabilitation, Charl and Lucas went swimming together. Today, he is a big teddy bear who loves to cuddle and will spend the rest of his days in the wonderful, safe haven created at 112 Carlotta Galgos. Love didn’t fail Lucas.

Meet Miracle.

Any Galgo surviving their harsh treatment in Spain could aptly be named Miracle. But this is Miracle, from Cordoba. He is an old fellow now, but he serves as inspiration for believing that sometimes you can make it even when the odds are stacked against you. Miracle had been seen over a period of ten years, abandoned and on the edge of existence at an industrial complex – until the night of the fire. After a frantic call from a fellow rescuer for help and a two and a half drive, Charl & Dioni found him in a riverbed unable to get out on his own. They waded into retrieve him, covered him in blankets and sped directly back to their vet. Miracle had been shot with a pellet gun over 100 times. He has leishmania, and chronic arthritis and not much time left on earth but he will not suffer anymore and be loved until the moment he dies. Love won’t fail Miracle.

Meet Cheyenne.

Handsome, sweet Cheyenne was saved in the nick of time from a perrera one day before he was to be euthanized. His elbow was badly broken from a blow because there were no other signs of injury. Today, he is Miracle’s protector and best buddy. The two are inseparable! Love never fails.



If you would like to support the work of Charlotte and Dioni del Rio, please visit their website at

Our heartfelt thanks to two lovers, Charl and Dioni del Rio for their hard work, courage and commitment to fight for the Galgos and for putting their hearts on the line every day. And to Lynn Addison for the creation of the video. The song “Love Never Fails” was created from Charl’s writings on her Facebook page and is available on Vivo CD.