Calling All Animal Lovers!

It is with pensive and concerned mood that I write this. I would like to take the opportunity to reach into your heart and to ask you to think about the following words.

I have come across horrendous acts of cruelty in this country I call home. Because of what I have seen, I believe the galgo (greyhound) suffers more than any other animal. The noble, sweet reliable friend, the only canine to be mentioned in the Bible.

Sleeping galgo - Galgo Rescue International NetworkI ask myself: What is wrong with these people who abuse, cause pain, and contemplate how to inflict this torture? The answer to ending this ongoing slaughter and sadism is in education. Teach the children about the love they can feel from an animal; teach them to respect ALL living beings.

In most cases the "anger" that turns into physical abuse perpetrated against an animal who has devoted his life to this human, can be channeled another way. These people are also more likely to afflict pain in the home. Do they feel good afterwards? I dont know. Could they learn to talk about why they feel the way they do? Have they witnessed something similar during their own childhood?

Is it anger, or is it a lack of respect for life? There are so many questions still unanswered. Punishments MUST be tougher, examples made of the sadists who perpetrate the crimes.

For just one moment, close your eyes. Picture the horror and pain a poor galgo feels when hung from a tree for hours, waiting in agony until death takes hold. What did they do to deserve this? The bears in zoos, the helpless animals worldwide obliged to perform for man's greed? I wonder who we are at times?
So.. with these thoughts, I ask you to act because the animals cannot. Please look within yourself and help us affect change for these poor souls. Your name on protest petitions count. Be one of the brave who says NO to abusing animals. Stand together as we UNITE in saying NO to the abuse and exploitation of animals! I call each and every one of you, those who can offer funds to help fight their causes, those who sew rugs to keep them warm, those who sign petitions against abuse, those who pass the word on. Those never scared to save an animal.

So when you see a car, trailering what looks like a box, look closer and pity the galgo hidden inside it, trembling and afraid, its fate written on a tree somewhere.


We must respect all of the God's creatures. They are here to be our companions, not to provide entertainment through sadistic torture. They have the same ability to feel, be afraid, to love and be dedicated, as we, the human animal, does.

The great leader, Mohandas Ghandi wisely stated: �The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated - work to be the best nation in the world, to be proud to work among fellow animal lovers who protect and honor defenseless animals

It is with these thoughts I leave you. Please don't turn away, they need us all.

Written by Carlota del Rio

Carlota is originally from England and now is a Spanish citizen. She recently got involved with galgo rescue when she became aware of the atrocities being committed in her country. She is a good friend to the animals of Spain, and a friend of G.R.I.N. The picture here is of Ambo, a little galgo pup Carlota just adopted from DDEVIDA.