Cervantes the Brave Podenco

CervantesCervantes is a Podenco Andaluz (Andalusian Hound) from Spain.

The Galgo Rescue International Network arranged his trip from Cadiz, Spain and he arrived in the US on October 24, 2007. He lived with a great foster family in South Carolina until a permanent home could be found for him. A couple of months later a family from Erie, Colorado fell in love with him and decided he would be a great fit for their family. Eric and Jennifer Frank already had two greyhounds (Zamie and Murfy) living with them and were ready for another hound around the house. It wasn't long before arrangements were made to fly Cervantes to Colorado. Cervantes flew from Atlanta, Georgia and arrived at Denver International Airport on December 17, 2007.

Cervantes (aka Little Man) seemed to fit in almost immediately. At first Murfy and Zamie were not sure about the three-legged hop that Cervantes does to get around. They soon realized that Cervantes was a miniature version of them and that he could run very fast around the house with their toys in his mouth. The battle over toys had begun. Murfy and Zamie investigated him thoroughly and after completing his initiation decided that he could join the family. Eric and Jennifer were thrilled that Murfy and Zamie gave them the ok to go ahead with the adoption (does this seem backwards to any of you?). Cervantes seems to like all the toys that Murfy and Zamie happen to have. The dogs like to play tug of war after they empty out all of the toy boxes on a daily basis. They each have their own beds, but Cervantes seems to like sharing one with Murfy or Zamie on occasion. Cervantes has been introduced to the local bunny that lives under the back deck. He likes to crawl under the deck to make sure the bunny is tucked in each night (ok, his family hopes that is the reason he crawls under there). Cervantes instantly took on the role of food bowl cleaner when the other two are done eating (or almost done eating). He knows mom and dad tell him not to do that (can we say chubby bunny?), but he has figured out how to act when he gets caught. He will see mom or dad coming out of the corner of his eye and will quickly act like he is drinking water out of the shared water bowl. See� I'm just over near Zamie's bowl cause I need to get a drink out of this water bowl right here�no other reason at all. I don't even like this food. Yeah right� he is way too smart. Anyway, Cervantes also enjoys hanging out in the backyard when the sun is out, taking walks at the trail or in the neighborhood, and of course taking naps right up against mom or dad. He is very much a lap dog. He enjoys the attention and loves to give you a hug and kiss when he gets a chance. He always makes grumbling noises when you hug him back. Mom and dad think he is enjoying his new life in Colorado and they know they are enjoying him every day.

The Galgo Rescue International Network received the email plea and decided that Cervantes should come to the US.  He arrived on October 24, 2007 after his long journey from Cadiz.  He is now in a loving foster home and is doing very well.  He is a sweet, social and very endearing boy.  He desperately wants someone to love him and will crawl into any available lap.  He would probably do best in a home with only one or two other pets� not because he doesn't get along with other dogs, but because he craves attention.  He is very good with other dogs and has shown a great deal of affection for his canine housemates, he even tried to assist his galga foster sister, when she was attempting to remove her muzzle, by using his leg to help pull it off. There is just something very special about Cervantes, and he is ready and willing to love and be loved.  He is a petite little guy, less than 40 pounds, but has a heart the size of an ocean.  If you think you would like to give Cervantes the special forever home he has been dreaming of, please email telma@galgorescue.org