Hidalgo's Journey

HidalgoUPDATE! Hidalgo - now known as Carlos - has finally found his forever home. Carlos is a loving galgo, and his personality is really coming out.  He is playing like a little puppy and seems surprised at himself when he becomes playful.  He is a mellow boy most of the time just wanting to put his head in your lap and look at you with that one sweet eye!  The other eye will eventually have peripheral vision with a small cloudy spot in the middle but he is really fine.  Carlos likes playing with his foster brother greyhound Avi, and plays like a boxer with him... it is very fun to watch.  He will make a wonderful companion for his lucky new mom and we are grateful that Carlos was sent half way across the world, at just the right time� continue to be blessed, my boy� (updated by Telma and Mike Shaw, Carlos' foster parents).

On November 20, the Galgo Rescue International Network received a very special galgo from the Scooby Refuge in Medina Del Campo, Spain.  Hidalgo had recently been rescued by the people at Scooby and was emaciated, covered with sores, and had a very serious corneal ulcer.   His story is one of amazingly good fortune, everything fell into place for him to come to the US and receive the care he needed, and now he is looking for his forever home. He will be available for adoption in California or the surrounding area soon.

From Telma Shaw, GRIN board member and Hidalgo's foster mom:
"I have been fostering this special and sweet boy, Hidalgo, two weeks on Friday.  He came from Scooby with a deep eye ulceration, infected puncture wounds in paw, an ear infection and was emaciated. He arrived in Phoenix with a vet who had been at Scooby (Catherine Klein, DVM). She had not seen him until the morning of departure, and it was then that she noticed his eye. The poor boy endured a long trip in pain and discomfort.  The morning after arriving, he was taken to a vet who suggested further evaluation of his eye, and was driven to Yuma to Dr. Suzanne Stack. She continued his care for a couple of days, then we decided to transport him to San Diego to see a specialist in ophthalmology.  It was Thanksgiving and I was able to get through to the Eye Clinic.  They agreed to see him the next day (as they had an emergency coming in).  Immediately after arriving in San Diego we took him to the specialty center.  The doctor informed us he needed immediate surgery as the ulcer was very deep and almost at the last level of membrane.  He had the surgery, a corneal graft, and we brought him home."

"I will tell you this boy is fabulous. He has allowed us to do all his treatments without any problem. Has had a cone on his head since (and for another week or two) and still learned to use the doggie door! Never has he had an accident in the house.  He is the MOST loving boy you could imagine.  He craves affection and he gets it here, that's for sure!  He gets along perfectly with all my hounds (and galgos) but because of the cone, they sort of keep their distance. Yesterday he was feeling pretty good, not sleeping as much, and was trying to play with my galgita in the morning. I have to stop him if he starts to play as it may injure his eye. His last recheck was very good as the doctor said it was healing normally. Hidalgo continues to amaze us with his progress, his gentle demeanor, and his affection.  He truly made this a Thanksgiving to remember and we are grateful to all who have helped this boy not only keep his sight but also find his way.  We would like to give special thanks to Catherine Klein, DVM, Elisabeth Weinerman, and Suzanne Stack, DVM.  If you are interested in adopting Hidalgo, please email telma@galgorescue.org.