Inocente - Victim of Unimaginable Abuses

Inocente - Galgo Rescue Internation Network (GRIN)From the rescuers of Refugio Kimba:

UPDATE! Inocente is doing very well and will be coming to the United States in February! The wonderful people of Elite Greyhounds in Florida, led by Sonia Stratman, are taking Inocente into their adoption program. They will have his broken hind leg surgically corrected and then he will be adopted into a loving home!

Inocente is a beautiful galgo mix, about 3 years old, but with a past that would make any person tremble if they had the least bit of sensitivity.They tried to hang poor "Inocente". He has an old fracture of the tibia with a distal deviation. There are people who do not like animals, who do not want to be next to them, but they let them live in peace. However, there are monsters disguised as humans who are capable of the unimaginable from the time they are very young. They are the future abusers of all living beings, both human and non human.

What they did to Inocente forms a part of their formation as a future sadist. Instead of attending school to receive an education, they grow up en masse like savages, even though we live in the 21st century. It's an embarrassment to all the citizens of this country, and we hear more and more news of a more irrational type of abuse all the time.

The truth is that the animal protection societies do not know how to put an end to this evil. More and more often we have to take on cases of animals who arrive in lamentable conditions, and we receive no sort of help from the administration. We need to thank a thousand times over all of our members for their membership fees, and all of the donations from our friends abroad. With their help we are able to end the suffering for some of the animals.

Those of us who dedicate our time to help ease animal suffering are not even given the water for free for these animals to drink. But those who are dedicated to torture and to bloody perfomances are given subsidies.
Tell us that this isn't a disgrace of a country.

Kimba is asking that someone please help to find a family for Inocente. One that will give him all the love possible and who will help him to forget his past in Chiclana de la Frontera.