El Refugio De Pedro Munoz Seeks Help

El Refugio De Pedro Munoz Seeks Help - G.R.I.N.G.R.I.N. received this desperate plea for help from Jeff Rayner, a dedicated English rescuer living in Spain. We will be sending a shipment of supplies to this shelter in February, but as always, more help is always needed!

"Please forgive me for not having been able to write you before but we have had many problems in the shelter, more distemper cases, two puppies have died and today another puppy has had an epileptic attack and has been about to die. At the end of the day I was feeling really down. I had never seen a dog crying and this small dog, when she felt her body was paralyzed, she looked at me straight to my eyes and started to cry. I am psychologically very affected, one has to be very tough and strong to afford all this every day. Up to date I have got 28 dogs at home, 8 more from the time when Jeff visited us. I even have a litter of 4 pure galguitos a month old and that means I must feed them with baby's bottle and baby food..."

"I send you a list of the most necessary things for us and that actually we are spending a lot of money in, but our animals deserve it and we spare no expenses to buy medicines or visiting the veterinary clinic. Please tell Jeff that last Saturday 9 small size dogs and 1 cat (all mixed) that were living in my house travelled to France to start a new life with their new adoption families, I know he will be glad about it. Next I send you the list of supplies more needed, I am a little ashamed though as it is rather a long list, but we are really in need of all which is included if we want our dogs not to die.

And we are in especial need of economic support for paying veterinary expenses such as surgeries, neutering, sterilizations, microchip, passports..... etc. We are in the range of 30,000 euros per year spent in veteriany and we only receive an annual aid from the City Council of 6,000 euros, and we only have 45 members who contribute with 5 euros per month, some contribute with a higher quantity but very little of them. The remaining expenses such as food, trips (always we take our dogs to their new home personally, so that we can have a look at their new house and family, etc), telephone expenses, building equipments that we use to build kennels, cleaning products (lejia, zotal), we paid them with the extraordinary incomes we receive from some friends in France and the rest are being paid by me and my friend Alex an Loli, a friend of mine, and her husband.

At present we have 130 dogs, of which 31 are galgos, and we must keep them hidden otherwise they are in risk of being stollen. We do not have any help from volunteers. The shelter is run by me, my friend Loli aged 48 and the help pf a 75 years old man, for that reason we must be there working all day long. If anyone would be interested in sending an economic contribution, the account number is 2105 2012 04 0012026509.
A huge embrace and thanks a lot for your help!"


Inmunoferon (defences)
Enrofloxacine 150mg (broad-spectrum antibiotic)
Cefalexina 150mg (anti-inflammatory antibiotic)
Clavulanic Amoxiciline 500mg (infections, mainly for colds)
Alopurinol (lehismania)
Luminal (epilepsy)
Rimadyl 50mg (anti-inflammatory)
Doxiciclina (erliquia)
Panacur 500mg (deworm)
Azitromicina (pneumonies)
Pantomicina (pneumonies)
Bandages: normal and self-adhesive
Kennels or stalls
Dry food for puppies and kittens as well as for adult cats and dogs
Heaters to instal inside the kennels for the winter as it is very cold here
Elizabethan collars: medium and large size
Distemper and parvovirosis qick testers