Pearl a.k.a. Sarita

SaritaUPDATE!! Sarita, now named Pearl, has found her forever home! Sarita is a beautiful Galga who needs a very special family who understands that she needs special love and attention due to the life she had in Spain.  Sarita is very easy to fall in love with.  She has huge brown eyes, cute Galga ears and a curly tail as well as having a half brindle and half white face!

The perfect home for Sarita would be one with much love, patience and understanding.  She is a very shy girl who is trying her best to trust.  Sarita will only allow pets on her own terms.  She does not like sudden movements/motions and will disappear into the bedroom the minute she doesn't feel safe.  Her favorite thing in the world is to snuggle on the king sized bed in her foster parents bedroom. She is not a bed hog and does share covers!!  On the bed is where Sarita feels safest.  She will allow the foster family to lay on the bed to pet her, even though while up and about, she will not allow anyone to touch her.  She has recently been caught playing with a stuffie and playing with the family's German Shepherd and shows excitement when the foster family comes home, but if attention is paid to her she will exit the room.

Although taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, Sarita is making tiny steps of progress that just need time to emerge.  She is housebroken and doesn't mind the crate and has good manners in the house while not being crated.  She is being taken outside on lead to avoid the possibility of being frightened and jumping the 5 foot fence.  Anyone willing to give this girl a home will be greatly rewarded with a grateful girl who will make progress and be loyal if just given the chance.