DevinMy husband and I adopted a Galgo at the end of January from Elite Greyhound Adoption that came from your Colorado rescue group in September.  His name at that time as "Devin" and he arrived September 17, 2007.

His name has been changed to Senor and he's doing fantastic.  This is our first greyhound adoption and my husband and I are completely smitten with their graceful demeanor and gentle spirit.  Senor has three cats as house mates and my husband and I.  He has never missed a step since he's been here and we will be adopting more�I'm sure of it.

I wanted to thank you for your hard work in saving these great creatures and also ask you for a favor.  I do not have any records on "Devin" and I'm sure the dogs had to be vaccinated before they could enter the country.  If there is any way you could fax or e-mail a copy of his rabies vaccines and/or any other vaccine that he may have had so that we do not have to do it again.

Again, thank you for saving this wonderful animal that is now part of this family.  We are forever grateful,

Shelley & Robert Young