Inocente"INOCENTE", another abused galgo, like so many of them who suffer in Spain. And when we save them we have to be extremely careful in our search for a trustworthy organisation or family to take them so that there will be no possibility whatsoever that they should ever go back to the same life that they suffered while with the madmen who were their previous owners.

Our dear young and beautiful galgo "Inocente" suffered through being hanged, and when he arrived at Kimba he also had an old fracture in one of his legs.  At our shelter he recovered from the lesion on his neck, and with a lot of patients on our part he finally began to accept our affection, although with a bit of misgiving.

A young and innocent animal who unfortunately was the victim of either one or more evil people who wanted to end his life by the most sadistic manner possible.

"INOCENTE" is another example of the cruelty toward galgos that the various federations try to convince the public are just stories invented by the animal protection organisations.

They can fool the administration, but NOT the animal protection people, as we see all of this trash on a daily basis.  We will publicise in every country the atrocities that are committed by this scum of society here in a country where hunting is still legal and indiscriminate, and not selective to galgos.  And where limitless overbreeding of these animals is also still allowed, and subsequently when they are no longer of use to these inept individuals, the galgos suffer a holocaust in Spain year after year.

This time little Inocente has had the great fortune of coming out ahead over his owner and the miserable destiny that awaited him.  Inocente crossed the big pond toward the Americas, where in the United States he will receive everything that this precious animal deserves.

Kimba is infinitely grateful for all the help that "Inocente" has received. Thanks to Abby Christman, to all of the members of GRIN, to Elena for the foster care she offered in Madrid and for delivering him to the airport, to his flight companion, and of course, to our wonderful friend Michael Rodrigue, a magnificent translator whose translations are helping to save the lives of many animals.