MikoMiko just blew right into our lives with puppiness happiness and energy. What a spit fire, she just jumped right into our life without even looking. She was so well adjusted from her first home, slightly pampered and extremely loved, it took her only seconds to find her spot on the sofa! She absolutely loves to be held and her whole body just goes limp and dangles her legs freely. I am hoping she doesn't get too big so I can continue picking her up and snuggling with her! She loves all her new buddies, two of my own greyhounds(Millie and Maisie) and one foster older greyhound, which she treats with the upmost respect..she must know and she always finds a small spot on one their pillows to curl up and sleep.(which I think comes from her being raised with that other galgo) Her favorite playfriend is Cricket, a small Pom, which she is trying to learn to play "nicely" with, but will still need a few more lessons...

We always start our mornings with a long walk to exercise all the dogs...she loves wearing either her jacket or sweater and - she loves the ranch life, romps in the straw, loves to startle the sheep, runs along side of the border collies and everyone is very accepting of her...She never hesitates to go up to the other dogs, even the old burely guard dog, Wooley...sometimes she goes up with a little too much guesto, but she is learning..ha...She hasn't gotten used to the stickers in her feet and sits down, waiting patiently for me to rescue her. She has already started those crazy figure eight runs and she runs with so much gusto!!! In and out of the staw bales, just loving it!{youtube}m0xt9rtp3bo{/youtube}

I work at home, upstairs and all the dogs come upstairs and find a spot to rest for the morning..She will just find her spot and take a snooze..I find myself always stopping and going over to pet her or pick her up and she never minds....She is very vocal and still needs to be around people, she is much better if she can just see you...She is funny going down the stairs, she sort of hops down with both back legs at the same time..and just races right up them, certainly not an issue with her!

She is quite the character, sometimes I see that she has hogged all the pillow and the bigger grey is lying halfway on the pillow and halfway on the hard floor and don't think she doesn't know it...ha...I am sure looking forward to what the future brings....she is going to bring a lot of laughter and fun, that is what she is about...So now my husband has his pom on his lap and night and I have Miko on my lap!

Here are some other pictures, not sure if I had sent them..one is a picture of a roll of paper towels that she just had a ball with...the others are her and cricket in eachothers bed, .... and then her trying to sleep in crickets bed...she has grown like crazy...now she hardly fits her bed....

Hope that gives you an idea of her life here, full of speed and light! Everything with her is wonderful...there is a certain very sweet look in her eyes and I know she will be very wise and kind...just need to get past the puppy stage..ha....thanks again... Cindy Soppe