LolaI first met Lola while traveling to Camp Scooby as a volunteer last summer.  I took an instant liking to her based on her unique look and size (like a miniature German Shepherd!)  It was heartbreaking to leave Spain not knowing if I would see her again so we were so thrilled when I contacted G.R.I.N. after returning to America and found out they would be able to bring her to us. Thanks to the help of everyone at Camp Scooby, G.R.I.N., and Stacey and Chris Plaskett who drove little Lola and 5 other dogs from Colorado to Ohio, she made it!

We have had Lola for about 5 months now and she has really come out of her shell recently.  What used to be a shy little girl has turned into a very playful and loving dog.  Some of her favorite activities include playing tug with her brother Louie, wrestling with our cat Lt. Dan, chewing on toys, and eating!  Since we have had her Lola has participated in many OSU buckeye tail-gates, learned to walk on a harness to participate in her first doggy 5k, went on her first camping trip to Ithaca NY, and participated in the proposal of her Mommy and Daddy by wearing the ring on a ribbon around her neck!

We are so fortunate to have Lola in our family and are looking forward to seeing how her personality develops as she continues to learn how to be a real dog!

Heather Kvitko