Recal Extremadura Working to Raise Awareness

Recal Extremadura Working to Raise AwarenessA letter from Mada Sanguino of Recal Extremadura:

I hope you are well when you read this message. I contact you to thank you for your parcel with DOXICICLYNE. Actually, it has come in the best moment, because we had no more and we had to buy it, so we have earned such and important quantity of money. Nowadays, with your medicines, we are treating a dog with lots of tick's bites, that has caused a strong malnutrition and even an inflammation on his extremities; fortunately, he is getting recovered and we hope he will be better very soon.

Besides, I am attaching some pictures from the opening of our exposition titled EL GALGO COMO NUNCA LO HAB�AS VISTO ("The Greyhound as you never saw before"). It is a selection of sixty-seven photographies of some of the 463 greyhounds we have rescued and given on adoption, once they have arrived to their new homes. At the beach, seeing the snow for the first time, playing with the children... it is the first exposition of this kind done in our comunity, Extremadura, land of hunters, and it is being visited a lot. Our purpose of removing the consciences of people and showing the greyhound as a pet is succeed.

Once we finish the exposition in the place we have it now (local university), we have four places more to show it, two of them in the city of Merida (Roman city), and after that we want to organice meetings in some schools of our city, showing the pictures and talking about our work. We are very excited with this project. We also are thinking of offering the exposition to other cities near from here to extend the diffusion as far as possible.
Indeed, the day of the opening we had an stand with pamphlets and information. Also, we gave to all the people who went to the presentation of the exposition your postcards about the adoption of greyhounds. With the nerves, I forgot to take a picture of it, I am so sorry!!
Once again, thanks a million for the antibiotics and all your support. Best wishes,