Banners Make Huge Impact at Spanish Protests

Banners Make Huge Impact at Spanish Protestsby Telma Shaw

In Spain the rescue organizations take to the streets to get their message across and GRIN has been able to help them do just that. In 2007 banners 4 ft x 10 ft with individual logos funded by GRIN and made in the U.S. by Bob Smith of Homestretch Greyhound Rescue were flown to Spain by GRIN rescuers. GRIN delivered these banners to seven shelters and has helped these small groups with their efforts to raise awareness about the atrocities committed daily upon thousands of �hunting dogs� - the galgos and podencos of Spain. Please click "read more" to see what a few of the groups have said!

From Cristina Garcia Moreno Presidednt of Galgos Sin Fronteras: �I see you have prepared everything (we sent) with much love for our Galgos and we appreciated it from our hearts, also the great banner for Galgos Sin Fronteras which we will use in public.

From Mada Sanguino from RECAL Extremadura: �The packages arrived and we feel truly grateful to you, everything you sent is a huge help to us, the banner was a very pleasant surprise. It will be great for us to display each time we take to the streets for one cause or another. It will also be useful to us at our annual contest for non pedigree dogs. Another affair in Oct. will be the show put on by animal protections organization of the province of Badojoz and I will ask them if we can display our banner so that everyone can see it. Please express our deepest and sincerest appreciation to all the members of your organization. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.�

From Encarni of DDEVIDA: �Thank you very much to GRIN to everyone who has helped, thank you for the awareness materials, its essential in the attempt to change the way of thinking in our country. When we put up the flag/banner you sent us, there will be an enormous smiles on our faces. Soon, very soon it will be on show where everyone will see it.�

From Nuria Blanco de Andres of Amigos de los Galgos: �This is a message for the people of GRIN, we have made extremely good use of your present �the poster�, it has been one of the best presents we have ever received. We have used it in every protest we have attended opposite the headquarters of the government in Madrid. There has been a series of synchronized protests all over Spain to ask for a new Law of animal protection. Amigos de los Galgos has been there, in all the protests. You can see it in our Spanish website of Amigos always your poster/banner was there with us."

G.R.I.N. would like to continue to help in this area and we need your help. Donate to our BANNER FUND and help us help these organizations to continue to get the message out across Spain , it is making a difference..

Click on the videos to see how passionate these folks are for the rights of the Galgos and all abused animals..Help us now!! Send us a check or PayPal earmark Banner Fund. Thank you as always for your support.