Virtual Adoption at Scooby

Virtual Adoption at Scoobyby Diane Ward

Scooby Medina in Medina del Campo Spain is responsible for the care of many dogs, cats and other animals. The cost to support these animals is very expensive. Scooby depends on donations from around the world to support the costs for living, food and medical care of all animals and the maintenance of the premises. One way that you can help is to virtually adopt one of the animals that will most probably stay at Scooby for a long time.

The Virtual Adoption program gives you an opportunity to help support an animal as if it were your very own! You choose an animal on our website that you are smitten with and that animal becomes YOURS for one year even though you can�t bring him/her home. You will be the guardian of this wonderful, needy animal. You support the animal by way of a reasonable annual donation that is tax deductible. You can pay for your adoption monthly, quarterly or annually. You essentially become the animal's guardian and friend.

To learn more about the Virtual Adoption Program you can email Diane Ward at or go to our webpage at and click on Virtual Adoption on the left-hand side of the page.