Scooby Rescues 120 Dogs from Deplorable Conditions


From the Scooby website: Back in November 2007, Scooby received news that there were 200 dogs in need in a small town in Sevilla, called El Cuervo. You can read about this rescue mission on our news page under November 2007 - "200 dogs found in awful situation in El Cuervo, Sevilla".
Fast forward to December 2008. We heard that Antonio had been forced to shut down his "shelter", so we have been waiting for the green light to go and rescue these animals. Thanks to the last few transports, we have made some room at the shelter to accommodate 80 galgos and 40 mix dogs. Last week, we got the green light that we were waiting for!

GRIN has donated $1000 towards Scooby's rescue mission!

On January 20, we made our the trip to Sevilla to get the first load of dogs. We will probably have to make 2 or 3 more trips to get all the dogs back to Scooby. The dogs are in horrible condition. All of them are infected with mange and there are also many pregnant females. We will have a vet on full time starting tomorrow to examine each dog thoroughly.

We need your help. We cannot do this without you. You can help us by adopting one of these beautiful dogs once they are healthy enough. You can volunteer at the shelter and actually see how these dogs flourish and become healthy and alive again. And of course, you can donate to our cause. Your donations help us to buy medicine and food and provide medical care for these neglected animals.

Every donation, big or small makes a difference for these animals.
It doesn't matter how much you give. What matters, is that it's in your heart to give.

Donate via PAYPAL or make a donation directly to one of our bank accounts:

Spain: Scooby Account
Valladolid, Spain
Nr.: 0103853927
IBAN: ES29 0128 3467 71 0103853927

Belgium: Scooby Account
KBC Bank, Baarle Hertog
Nr. 733-0462538-72
IBAN: BE38 7330 4625 3872

Holland: Scooby Account
Stichting Scooby
Rabobank, Oosterhout
IBAN: NL52 RABO 0115 2462 74

UK Donations:
Checks can be made payable to "Greyhound Compassion"
And mailed to:
Greyhound Compassion
PO Box 959
St. Albans

Canadian & US Donations:
Checks can be made payable to �Scooby� and mailed to:
Scooby International
460 King Edward Street
Paris, Ontario
N3L 3E3

For Canadian residents: Donations can be made at any Bank of Montreal
Scooby Account # 3061-8627-953

Thank you.
The Scooby Team