Fifth Annual West Coast Greyhound Gathering

Fifth Annual West Coast Greyhound Gathering Solvang, CA Feb. 27-Mar.1, 2009. Fifth Annual West Coast Greyhound Gathering

A fantastic turnout again for the Solvang Greyhound Gathering. The weather was perfect hound walking weather, sunny but cool in the mornings and evenings. WE had three fun filled days with over 150 people and their hounds attending. The Galgos also made a nice showing with Aluna, Amistad, and Alitas strutting their stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to meet a beautiful Deerhound named Meca who had been rescued earlier this year and adopted by GreytThreads owners. We were able to share stories about how GRIN had the opportunity to connect one of our potential adopters to adopt one of Meca's pups. Small world. Another pleasant surprise was a Sloughi named Lacey, who came to GRIN's attention for rescue last year, and after a few emails found her foster home which turned into her forever home and I was able to meet Miss Lacey in person at the Sunday morning walk. These sighthounds get around!

Dawn of The Creation Station in Buellton, right outside of Solvang, set up her sewing machine in the town park gazebo again this year, and worked hard on dozens of coats for the galgos. We are sorry she got ill and could not make it back the next day, but, we have lots of coats for the next haul! Thanks Dawn for braving the cold that day and see you next year. I was also happy to meet two of the famous Guam Dogs at Solvang, Thomas and Jenna, who accompanied Barbara Davenport of Homestretch for an afternoon at the gathering. Kudos to Homestretch for all their hard work and incredible determination to keep moving these dogs along.

The events were fun as usual, the Blessing of the Hounds, the Streak, Pizza night, Candlelight Ceremony, the Sunday morning walk and the highlight of the event for anyone who attended the Saturday night dinner was the presentation by Dr. Couto of the Ohio State University. A wonderful, humorous, interesting and very informative speech it was. Dr. Couto also gave some insight into his work at Scooby and showed many slides of galgos at the shelter. He discussed his ongoing health research with greyhounds and upcoming research with the galgos as well. He deserved the standing ovation he received from a very receptive and greytful greyhound crowd. I was also very surprised and thankful when Terri Rogo, the organizer of the event, asked me to say a few words at the dinner about the Galgos of Spain. These European cousins of the wonderful American Greyhounds are receiving the acknowledgement they so well deserve!

It was so nice to get the support of so many greyhound owners as GRIN received many wonderful donations for the galgos at the gathering. We collected over 200 martingale collars, 60 leashes, 35 coats and various other supplies as well. Everyone knows that GRIN will be back next year and I thanked everyone and reminded them to continue to collect their new and used donations all year for next year's gathering. We came home happy that the event continues to be so successful for the greyhounds who will benefit from the funds raised to help them in their needs as well. Greyt job Terri, Jodi and friends.

Telma Shaw
Board Member