G.R.I.N. Dogs Featured in Rescue Parade

G.R.I.N. Dogs Featured in Rescue ParadeWhat can be sweeter on Valentine's Day than watching a bunch of dogs � once homeless and scorned � prance happily with their adoptive families? On February 14th, G.R.I.N. was invited to showcase some of our rescue dogs in a �rescue parade� at the Plum Creek Kennel Club dog show in Denver, Colorado. Dozens of spectators came to see the 23 purebred dogs featured in the parade, all dogs from dire circumstances who are now beloved family members. The parade was organized and sponsored by All Breed Rescue Network in Denver, an all-volunteer organization that advocates for adoption of homeless purebred dogs.

Cervantes (Jennifer and Eric Frank), a male Andalusian hound, Prisa (Judy Greenfield and Will Mahoney), a galga from Scooby and Yoda (Kay Roberts), a wire haired galgo also from Scooby, strutted their stuff in one of the show rings in front of an appreciative audience. An announcer from a local radio station provided a short bio about each dog followed by a local dog trainer who described the attributes of the featured breed. Although no one had probably heard of a �galgo� or �Andalusian hound,� Cervantes, Prisa and Yoda certainly made an impression on the audience. These special hounds helped bring to dog-loving spectators an awareness about hunting dogs in Spain.