"Loly's Fund" In Honor of the Brave Little Galga

On October 16, 2008, a wonderful little galga puppy named Loly arrived with her sister and 5 other dogs from Spain. Loly was a perfect little girl and symbolized the hope we have for all the galgos of Spain - that they be given a chance at a life with a loving family far from the fear and pain so many of them suffer. Sadly, little Loly did not survive what should have been a routine procedure to have her spayed and passed away on January 16, 2009. Loly was a very happy little girl and was deeply loved by her family, Debbie and Rich. She is deeply missed by everyone and her loss has been felt halfway across the world.

We couldn't let her bright little light go out without recognizing all she symbolizes to GRIN and those who knew and loved her; therefore GRIN has created "Loly's Fund" in honor of the brave little galga who flew across an ocean to be with a family. The proceeds of Loly's Fund donations will be used to fund the rescue of galgos still in Spain who are in dire situations find their way to a better life!

There are literally thousands of galgos killed in very inhumane ways each year. In Spain, galgos are not considered as pets. People ask why we should help them when there are so many dogs here in the United States that need us. If it wasn�t for us, who would?

Like their American cousins the greyhounds, they have endured a long legacy of abuse and even torture at the hands of their masters. In Spain, however, few people exist who will stand up for the welfare of these beautiful dogs and the laws protecting animals are decades behind ours. Sadly, it is not uncommon for galgos to be starved, beaten, hung from trees, or thrown down abandoned wells. It is because of the lack of protection and concern, combined with the horrific end so many meet, that GRIN exists.

If you would like to make a donation in Loly's honor, you may do so via PayPal to galgorescue@yahoo.com, or mail checks/money orders to:

17784 North County Rd. 15
Wellington, CO 80549