Animal Rights Conference 2009, Los Angeles CA.. July 17-19

Animal Rights Conference 2009, Los Angeles CA.. July 17-19Galgo Rescue International Network (GRIN) attended their first Animal Rights Conference 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Along with well-known animal rights causes, GRIN established their cause as one worthy of national and international awareness. The turnout was huge and there was a great deal of interest in what is happening in Spain, and how GRIN has been helping to support existing shelters.

Public awareness of the plight of the galgo and other hunting breeds continues to spread throughout Spain due to the efforts of Spanish, American, and other European influences. Many people at the conference were not aware of the treatment of Galgos, Podencos and other hunting dogs in Spain and applauded our efforts to raise awareness. We met people from all over the US, Canada, and even Spain.

The four day conference was attended by Keiko Krahnke, Julie Krahnke, Telma Shaw, Wally Lacey, and Don and Elaine Irving. Many people also inquired about galgo adoption here in the US. GRIN maintains that raising awareness, perseverance, and an international team effort is what will make a difference in the future for the Galgos, just as it has for the racing Greyhounds here in the U.S. Compassion has no boundaries, the Galgos need our voices.

Telma Shaw
Board Member
Galgo Rescue International Network