International Greyhound Remembrance Weekend July 25-26

International Greyhound Remembrance Weekend July 25-26Note from GRIN: Though the cases referenced in this article reference events in the United Kingdom and Ireland primarily, we ask that you join us in remembering all abused greyhounds and galgos worldwide. Thank you. This article was provided by Greyhound Action, UK.

This coming weekend Saturday July 25th/Sunday July 26th is 'National Greyhound Remembrance Weekend' when all abused racing greyhounds throughout the world are remembered. We are therefore asking all our supporters national and international to write letters today to their local and national newspapers about the tragic plight of the racing greyhound. We had a good response when we put out this letter writing campaign last year for 'National Greyhound Awareness Week' and 'Greyhound Remembrance Weekend' and several of our supporters letters were printed in the media so thank you for your support on this. Particularly in the past few months many cases of appalling cruelty to greyhounds in the UK and Ireland have been reported by the national and local media.

Below is a list of all the recently reported crimes to greyhounds in the UK and Ireland and please feel free to highlight any of these cases in your letters as examples of the atrocities inflicted upon the racing greyhounds.

There is a sample letter below. Every letter published around the world will educate thousands of people so every letter counts! Our international supporters can also be involved in this campaign as you can also write to your local and national papers highlighting any cruelty cases in your own country inflicted upon greyhounds/spanish greyhounds (galgos).

Recent vicious crimes to greyhounds in UK and Ireland for your letters please

  • A Hartlepool greyhound'Timmy' found dead with ears hacked off
  • Pregnant greyhound 'Janie Valentina' found killed with ears hacked off near Bristol
  • greyhound 'Amy' found drowned in a potato sack in the river Foyle (Ireland)
  • dumped greyhound 'Grace' found in Sittingbourne, involved in a road traffic accident
  • greyhound 'Sonny' found stabbed to death in Sunderland
  • a recent court case for a Tiptree man for having concentration camp type conditions for his 30 racing greyhounds
  • greyhound called 'Douggie' found alive in Bedlington with ears hacked off
  • a greyhound called 'Tara' left to starve in Cirencester
  • executioner Larry Earle in Ireland slaughters greyhounds unwanted by their trainers for �10 a time
  • greyhound 'Frida' found abandoned in the North East of England, emaciated and suffering a severe scold to her back
  • WEEKEND OF "CARNAGE" AT MANCHESTER'S "STADIUM OF DEATH"-three more greyhounds killed at Belle Vue track, mutilated remains of greyhounds dumped at popular pier-the carcasses of three dead greyhounds in Ireland have been dumped at one of the most popular bathing areas in the Mid-West
  • a most recent exposure of a Dorset woman who kept her greyhounds in filthy, disgusting conditions
  • a Birmingham couple convicted of starving two greyhounds to death
  • a greyhound found days from death in Fife
  • Scotland who was thrown over an eight foot fence into an unused factory.

The evidence is there, let's use it!!!

If you require any further information on the plight of the racing greyhound please visit the Greyhound Action website

Google search your local and national newspaper email/snail mail addresses (email is preferable as it is quicker) and send a letter of remembrance. There is a sample letter below� please copy and paste this letter, feel free to edit, or if preferred write a letter in your own words. Keep all correspondence polite. Name and full address must also be supplied.

If you would like to sponsor or offer a forever home to a rescued greyhound, visit the website links of these brilliant greyhound rescue charities in the UK (their contact details will be on their websites):

All these marvelous charities help abused and unwanted greyhounds and lurchers. If you would like to rescue an ex-racing greyhound please visit your local reputable greyhound rescue or contact the above charities.

Greyhounds are wonderful companions and contrary to belief they do not require a lot of exercise, two twenty minute walks a day is all they need, they are real couch potatoes and all deserve a loving forever home. If you have cats or small furry animals please seek advice from the rescue to find the perfect greyhound buddy for your family.


If you would like to do an information stall/and or a peaceful remembrance ceremony outside your local greyhound track this coming weekend in your own area contact Greyhound Action immediately for leaflets/posters etc at or call 01562 700043/07703 558724,

Lastly please join us in lighting a candle in your own home this weekend in remembrance of all those precious souls who have needlessly lost their lives. The fight continues to ban greyhound racing for its inherent cruelty. We rely on each and every supporter globally for the success of our online campaigning. We all make the difference!

Sample letter

Dear Letters to the Editor,

This coming weekend Saturday July 25th/Sunday July 26th is National Greyhound Remembrance Weekend. This is a special commemorative weekend set aside in the memory of all the unwanted/abandoned racing greyhounds that have tragically lost their lives at the hands of the greyhound racing industry.

As a greyhound lover it is my hope that the general public will spare a thought this coming weekend for all those racing greyhounds that have suffered and died needlessly.

In a recent government report it has been stated by the RSPCA that "at least 20 greyhounds a day - either puppies which do not make the track, or 'retired' dogs aged three or four - simply 'disappear', presumed killed". In the past few months, there have been numerous cases reported by local and national media of appalling cruelty inflicted upon unwanted greyhounds in the UK and Ireland; these include brutal killings, mutilations and severe neglect.

This is a travesty and as a supposed nation of dog lovers, the UK should hang its head in shame. For those members of the public that support the racing industry by betting on greyhounds, many of them may not be aware that they are contributing to the perpetual suffering and slaughter of thousands of unwanted greyhounds every year. I am therefore urging all readers to boycott greyhound racing and visit this website link to learn more about the plight of the racing greyhound.

Lest we forget!!

Best wishes,


Many thanks for your kind and much needed support
Greyhound Crusaders/SWAP team UK
'Pioneers for change'
RIP darling Greyhounds you are in the hands of the angels now. We will never forget you.