Food Crisis at Scooby

Dogs Cannot Live By Bread Alone!Dear GRIN Friends, we reach out to you today to ask that you read this plea below from the Scooby Medina Shelter.

GRIN founder Abby Christman and Veterinarian friend Jason Cordeiro will be going to Scooby at the end of April, and it would be awesome to take the shelter a sizable donation from their GRIN friends and supporters in the U.S.  We hope that there will be a way to resolve this huge problem in the near future, but for now, the dogs need to eat.  You can donate through GRIN at the website,, or through PayPal; alternatively, you can donate directly through the Scooby website at  Thank you, and we will keep you informed about the situation when the GRIN volunteers return.

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Dear Friends,

We are reaching out to you at a very critical time at our shelter.  The dogs desperately need our help at this time.  We are very close to disastrous food crisis for the dogs.

The dogs at Scooby are fed a diet of raw chicken, ground up and mixed with bread and also dry dog food on days when we don�t have chicken.  We get the chicken for free but there is now a new law that is being passed in Spain that all chicken carcasses must be destroyed and cannot be used by anyone.  This is a huge waste and also a very big problem for Scooby, because this was our source of free food at the shelter since the beginning.

As you can imagine, feeding over 300 dogs on a daily basis is a lot food.  There is no possible way that we can afford to purchase dog food for this many animals.

At this time, we are asking for you help of donations to buy food so we can feed the dogs that are currently at the shelter.  Of course donations of dog food are accepted as well.

Sadly, the reality is, if we cannot feed the animals, we can�t operate, and if we can�t operate, we cannot continue to do the work that we have been doing.  Even worse, we will have euthanize dogs that have simply no chance for adoption as we won�t be able to afford to maintain such large numbers at the shelter.

Your support, no matter how big or small can literally save a life in this situation.  We are looking into several options to this situation to see if we purchase the carcasses for a discounted price and other alternatives.  But as you know, these things take time and this moment, we don�t have the time.

The dogs need to eat. We need you. Please help us during this difficult time.

Thank you.

Please support our work � DONATE TODAY!

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