Quia, One of the Jaen Galgos Goes to Forever Home in Holland

Quia goes to HollandStory by Vera Thorenaar Reddering, foster mom.

Quia left on Sunday, 14 March from Seville by plane along with two other Galgos and a cat.  A wonderful man from GRH Greyhound Rescue Holland, took them all with him, traveling on his own with the cat in cabin.  The cat came from Jaen ABYDA (Quia), and he stayed at my home in Malaga for 1 day and night, and we took him together with Quia to Seville (2 1/2 hours away).  The cat had been adopted by a Dutch family, but they had no way of getting him to Holland, so I asked Raoul (GRH treasurer) and he accepted.

Quia was scared although she stepped in her crate without problems.  It was heartbreaking because I felt that she thought that I let her down as well, when now she was so confident. That is the toughest side of being a foster family: I suffer and I can cope for me, but I suffer so much for the dog, although I know that she will go to a fantastic family, and she�ll get over it and be quite happy.

Anyhow, when she arrived in Brussels her forever family was waiting for her.  Quia didn�t want to leave the crate, so they took her in her crate to the car and then home.  When she arrived at her new home, the family's whippet was not very happy to see her, and so they growled a little bit at each other when they met.  I said to the lady that they would settle, and that Quia must have felt lost and afraid: she is the sweetest Galgo I have ever seen � my little princess.

Next day, I received new stories from the family saying that they were doing fine, and today they have been running and sleeping together.  Quia and her family are very, very happy.  So again another great job done all together!