Help for Sofie

Sofie after
emergency surgeryA whirlwind of help has gone out for one unfortunate galga who we named Sofie.  Sofie, another one of the thousands of abandoned galgos in Spain had been wandering the town of Badajoz in Spain.  A kind rescuer named Isabel, who rescued  one Podenco named Paquito that GRIN brought to the U.S. last year, had been able to feed Sofie since February 10th.  Each day Sofie came a little closer to eat, as she was petrified of people.  Progress was being made.

On April 23rd Sofie appeared at the home at night as she had been doing, but now, things were different.  To the horror of Isabel what she saw was Sofie with her jaw hanging, her mouth mutilated and horrific damage to her tongue and teeth.  No words could describe the agony she was suffering from what we can only surmise as foul play.  Without a proper veterinary hospital for this type of injury, Isabel, desperate to help her, reached our friend Silvia Bordetas Gil in Valencia for help.  Silvia known by her friends to do anything in her power to help a dog in distress jumped into action, staying up all night arranging for transportation from Badajoz to Valencia over 500 km away.

Sofie, stunned by her injury was captured easily and immediately her journey began because of some wonderful volunteers eager to help her get to the vet.  This is a life threatening injury as she could not even drink water and the probably of infection very great.  By Sat. morning at 2:00 a.m. Sofie had made it to the veterinary clinic and her extensive surgery began.  The pictures at the clinic are horrific as the extent of the damage was revealed, but, as I write this I can say that the surgeons repair was dramatic.  She can now open and close her jaw.  The tongue had not been cut out completely, but, she had swallowed it in pain and the vet discovered that she had a portion missing but still had most of it.  The prognosis is hopefully that she will recover but time will tell the length of that. A foster home will be needed as she will need special attention.

Many friends of mine were informed of this case by email as it was happening and the love and concern for Sofie has been overwhelming.  Funds are being collected for Sofie's surgeries and ongoing care.  The need will be great.  Donations can be made through G.R.I.N. for Sofie.  We will update on her recovery.  Thank you to everyone involved in this case, Sofie deserves our help and a wonderful home when she recovers never to be a victim again.

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An update on Sofie... however more surgeries are need.Hello Telma and Don,

Today Sofie drink alone, only a little bit but it was good. She doesn't want to eat but the vet gave food with, I don't know in english but I hope you know what I mean, sonda nasogastrica. If all is ok she will need another surgery. I send new pics from today.