Loly�s Fund to Help Adopcion Animal in Sevilla

Help Adopcion Animal in SevillaIt has come to GRIN's attention the work of the association called Adopcion Animal in Sevilla Spain. Headed up by Isabel Pavia Vazquez and her husband and daughter and a few volunteers, their commitment to helping over 300 galgos in their care is amazing.  They are in the process of working on a updated shelter thanks to a contribution they have and hope to be open and move their dogs to this new shelter in the summer of 2010.

Isabel works tirelessly with a vet in the area to keep the dogs healthy at their present shelter and once they are ready with all their vetting, tries to move as many as she can to Europe.  As you can imagine the work load is tremendous, the obstacles are great, but these wonderful rescuers continue to fight for the ones that need them the most, the abandoned and helpless.  We can only thank these amazing people for their work and help as we can.  Supplies will be sent to this organization in April as well as our monthly Loly's Fund Donation for April.  This week Isabel and friends moved many galgos out of an encampment who were extremely neglected.  We hear that Scooby also took in 35 of those dogs as well.  The work goes on. Donations to help this shelter are needed.  If anyone would like to contribute to their ongoing work please visit their website at  or donate through our PayPal. Thank You

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