Chica the Galga

Chica the GalgaHello GRIN SUPPORTERS:  G.R.I.N. has been able to collaborate with Vera Thorenaar Reddering in Malaga Spain and Greyhounds Rescue Holland.  Vera has been fostering one galgo at a time, preparing them for their transition to a forever home and then moving them on to Holland with the help of Greyhound Rescue Holland.  We are honored to be part of helping her give these galgos a chance. Your donations have made a difference to this one special little girl named Chica.  At one point in her fostering she appeared to have trouble breathing, her heart was racing and needed immediate veterinary care. She was diagnosed with �athletic heart� meaning she had been run so hard and for so long she succumbed to this malady. Luckily she was treated and now is doing just fine.  This month she has been adopted and is on her way to Holland to a very experienced forever home. Congratulations Chica, although you had a tough beginning, the good life below from Vera:

Hi, Yes Chica came from Isabel.  She got her out of the perrera in Seville with another 14 more.  They were travelling to Murcia the next day, to an English community there who foster the galgos adopted in England during the 6 months mandatory quarantine before they can travel.  When they got to Isabels dog hotel to stay overnight before travelling to Murcia, Chica escaped so she didn't travel the next day.  The dog hotel is in an open area with olive trees.  They left a door open and food and water.  They could see her around and she came and had her food at night and then disappeared again.  Until she decided to come into the dog hotel after 14 days wandering around the area.  I saw her on Isabel's page and choose her because she was very traumatized and needed urgently a home environment.  She came to Isabel in October 2009 and to me on the 14th April, so she will have been with us for 3 months and 10 days. In the beginning she didn't want to get near us although, when she laid on her bed we could touch her.  When you moved a chair she rushed way, so frightened.  After a view days of sausages and lots of dedication she would approach me, but no way with my husband.

When we had visitors she would bark at a distance and not even come to me.  This gradually got better, of course, but after having left her in a dog hotel during our holidays and on her return home, she made the big step forwards.  Like saying: wauw, they haven�t abandoned me again, they must be reliable. Now she is very sweet and joyful, moves her tail a lot although she still doesn't like visitors too much.