The Galgo International Rescue Network's July Auction Starts July 13th at Carpe Canem!

CArpe Canem Auction to benefit G.R.I.N.

Over 130 incredible, unique, custom and otherwise awesome items will be featured in this auction starting Tuesday, July 13th at 9am EDT � please visit Carpe Canem to view and bid on these fantastic goodies!

100% of the proceeds will be used by G.R.I.N. to benefit future shelter aid projects and endeavors - please help support the Galgos of Spain by participating in the auction!

An immense thanks to Carpe Canem and ALL of our donors and supporters for making this possible!

Auction begins:  6am PDT/9am EDT on Tuesday, July 13th
Auction ends:    6pm PDT/9pm EDT on Monday, July 19th.

Here is a link too the auction...

Carpe Canem Auction to Benefir G.R.I.N.