T-shirt Fundraiser for Scooby

T-shirt Fundraiser for Scooby Scooby Medina is the largest animal shelter in Spain, with over 600 animals, mostly dogs, all desperately needing forever homes.  They also have a major food crisis, as the free chicken carcasses which were a regular source of food for the dogs has now been banned - for health reasons!  You can read more about the food crisis here.

To help raise funds for purchasing dog food supplies, Scooby North America has a fabulous galgo T-shirts for sale.  Please contact Diane Ward at diane@scoobymedina.com.  Shirts are $18.00 + shipping and handling.  The design was sketched by Jesse Granat who signed over the rights to Scooby North America and Scooby.  The shirts come in pink, lavender, blue and white and come in sizes medium to 1X.