Update: Oco - Makes It To France!?

Oco - Makes It To France!?G.R.I.N. Supporters YOU are part of this story! We are happy that we were able to help fund the transport of Oco from Spain to France where he will now have a chance at a better life out of the clutches of the dreaded hunters..here is what his foster moms said�

Hi Charl,

I wanted to send you an email with photos of Oco's journey back to our home, just so you can see how it was - and be reassured that he is well and very happy! What a beautiful, confident, lovely boy. Ross and him have bonded straight away and he sits next to Ross on the sofa already as you'll see from the picture, obviously next to Estrella as she doesn't leave the sofa.

He is very interested in the bunnies and marking his territory over everything too, but he's gorgeous and he's going to fit in just fine here I'm certain.

I hope you like the pictures and talk to you soon! I hope you don't miss him too much - we're going to look after him for you!