Update on Sofie and Angie � Fall Trip to Spain

A plan is now in place to bring Sofie, Angie and one more galga named Miel, back from Spain to loving homes in the U.S. this fall. The date of return is Oct. 5th 2010.

After so many months of watching these two girls go through all their health issues, and with people from all around the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia helping them G.R.I.N. members Telma Shaw and Wally Lacey of California have decided to help them on to their new lives.  Wally will be adopting Sofie, and Don and Elaine Irving (also in California) will be adopting Angie - the last of the original four Jaen Galgos and one Podenco who were saved from the kill station back in February.  Miel, a 8 month old galga who was rescued by Silvia Bordetas Gil from a life of breeding, will go into a foster home in Oceanside California as well.  

Telma and Wally will also be touring the south of Spain visiting various shelters with local rescuers, Charlotte del Rio and Vera Thorenaar Reddering who works with Greyhounds Rescue Holland.  The trip will conclude in Valencia, where Silvia Bordetas Gil will prepare the dogs for them for their long journey to freedom then off to Madrid to fly home to San Diego.  The level of commitment to these dogs by the rescuers in Spain is the amazing part of all of this.

With your help, we are touching the lives of the dogs that are under their care and also showing support to the rescuers who appreciate so much knowing that they have friends in the United States who care about them as well.  Updates will follow� for now these three galgos have a bright future.

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