The Story of Oco the Podenco

Oco rescued off the street.This is a bitter sweet story.  In the south of Spain a galga has been running loose, her name Estepe.  Charlotte del Rio tried everything to capture her, but the trap instead helped to rescue a little Podenco named Oco who had been budding around with the galga.  The galga has disappeared to the distress of her would be rescuer, but to soften the heartache, Oco has found a new life before him. When he was caught he was terrified and screamed if anyone would touch him.  In fact the rescuers were embarrassed as he screamed and screamed when they were taking him out of the car into his foster home! 

It has been over a month and thanks to G.R.I.N. supporters, Charlotte has been able to have him vetted, neutered, and prepared for adoption.  Now Oco will be transported on his way to France, thanks to the effort of Beryl Brennan of Galgo News, to be fostered in a lovely home with another Podenco named Estrella who was one of the Jaen four.  We thank Charlotte for being so determined to help Oco and we wish with all our hearts that you will get news of Estepe.

Update: Estepe may have given birth as three pups were found in the vicinity, Char will keep looking.