Galgos En Familia Gets Relief Supplies from Greyhound Rescue Holland!

G.R.I.N. is happy to report some good news that came to us from a shelter we support called Galgos En Familia in Malaga. The founder, Vera, let us know that Greyhound Rescue in Holland is assisting the shelters in Spain that need help so desperately. Thanks GRH!
VERA SAYS THE FOLLOWING: 4000 kilos of donation goods were send from Holland by GRH to Seville for their colaborating shelters! Some volunteers brought them in a lorry for horses. My problem is that I live in Malaga and I have no time to go to Seville because I am dedicated 7 days a week to my kennel. But fortunately, the presidents son lives in Seville and was going to take a flight from Malaga airport on the 8 July. The goods arrived on 5 July. He came with "Sjakie" to our home with my part of the goods and will travell back on the 15 July with Kenia who will saty at his home and travell to her Paradise: her adoption family, on the 26 July.