Scooby Medina in dire need of help

Scooby Medina, the shelter that has become synonymous with galgos and galgo rescue, needs help — immediately. Puppies at Scooby

Recent changes in the region have dramatically reduced funding for the animal sanctuary, and without that income, Scooby will not be able to afford to care for its animals nor will they be able to help any of the dogs, cats or other creatures that would have normally found asylum from hard lives or worse deaths.

Please read the following from Scooby, and if you can help in any way, please do. You may donate to Scooby directly (information follows in the link below) or through GRIN.

Here's the part of the release from Scooby:


Please help us to save Scooby and all its animals!!!

As you might have read, the regional contract for Scooby to take in stray or abandoned dogs from the pounds will not be renewed, which means we have lost 3000 € per month, however the influx of dogs coming to our shelter still remains very high. The loss of these funds makes it very difficult to maintain the level of care and operation at Scooby.

This is why we need your help!

If all of you can donate at least 5 € a month during a whole year, we can save Scooby together and continue all the work we have been doing for the past 25 years. It would be a shame if all our expierence of saving dogs and other animals will be lost due to a financial crisis. What will happen to dogs that will be abandoned when there is no Scooby anymore? All shelters in Spain are dealing with the same situation, they have more dogs than they can handle, so most of these dogs will die an unplesant death since no one is able to take over.

We cannot let that happen!

Project 3000 means finding 600 people who are willing to donate at least 5 € a month.